Visiting Student Program
  • While the exchange program operates on the principle of a balanced exchange, the Visiting Student Program enables partner universities to send additional students to Dankook University beyond the agreed-upon exchange balance or student quota between the institutions.
  • This program also extends opportunities to students from non-partner universities to experience a semester at Dankook University.
  • Exchange students pay their normal tuition and fees to their home institution. Visiting Students pay tuition and fees to Dankook University. All other aspects are the same.

Key Differences Between Exchange and Visiting Student Programs
Classification Exchange Visiting
Tuition Fee-waived Fee-paying
Home University Nomination Required Not required
Eligibility Partner university students only All university students
Period of Study One or two semesters Unlimited number of semesters

Tuition Fees (50% Dankook International Scholarship Applied)
Degree College Fees
Undergraduate Humanities, Business and Economics, Social Sciences, Law 2,000,000 KRW (Approx. 1,500 USD)
Undergraduate Engineering, Software Convergence 2,700,000 KRW (Approx. 2,000 USD)
Undergraduate Music and Arts 2,800,000 KRW (Approx. 2,200 USD)
Undergraduate Business and Economics(International Business Administration) 3,000,000 KRW (Approx. 2,400 USD)
Undergraduate Software Convergence(Mobile Systems Engineering) 3,200,000 KRW (Approx. 2,500 USD)
Graduate Humanities, Business and Economics, Social Sciences, Law 2,900,000 KRW (Approx. 2,400 USD)
Graduate Engineering 3,800,000 KRW (Approx. 2,900 USD)
Graduate Music and Arts 3,900,000 KRW (Approx. 2,900 USD)
Graduate Sports 3,400,000 KRW (Approx. 2,600 USD)