Course Selection
  • We offer exchange/visiting students the freedom to select courses from any department, irrespective of their major. Students are advised to read the course syllabus for each chosen course, as course selection is entirely their responsibility.
  • Exchange students may choose any course from the provided list of English-taught courses and mix courses from different departments regardless of their major.
  • There is no prerequisite to attend courses in any year level. However, we advise students to carefully assess their capabilities and make informed decisions by reviewing the course syllabi.
  • Students can take up to 19 credits per semester including the Korean language courses. Exceeding the 19-credit limit is strictly prohibited under all circumstances. Additionally, auditing classes without formal enrollment is not permitted.
  • While there is no strict minimum number of courses required for exchange students, we advise taking a minimum of 9 credits to ensure a rewarding and enriching academic experience.
  • Before registering for courses, we encourage students to consider the credit transfer or validation process for when they return to their home university. To gain clarity on this matter, it is essential to consult with their home university beforehand.
  • Students can take courses from one campus only.

  • Unlike full-time Dankook students who register for courses online on their own, exchange students can only register by sending a request form to our international office via email.
  • Once exchange students have selected their desired courses, they must complete the ‘Course Registration Request Form’ and send it to the international office by email during the designated submission period.
  • Our international office will then initiate the enrollment process with each department on campus. Unfortunately, students do not receive priority registration, therefore it is important to note that course registration requests are not guaranteed.
  • Since courses have limited seats available, registration requests will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Students will have an opportunity to make changes to their schedule during the first two weeks of class if necessary.