• The majority of courses at Dankook University are 3-credit courses. Each 1-credit course consists of one hour of lecture per week for 15 weeks in one semester, totaling 45 lecture hours for a 3-credit course. Additionally, classes might have tests during the middle and at the end, and how they're scheduled and what kind of tests they are can differ for each class.
  • In our academic system, hours dedicated to individual work or exercises are not factored into the credit calculation.
  • For detailed description and criteria of each course, students are advised to take a look at the course syllabus.
  • Exchange/visiting students from countries with a different credit system need to inquire about credit transfer or validation with their home university. As credit transfer systems vary among universities, it is essential for students to understand how credit transfer works at their home university in advance.
Grading scale
  • Each class will be graded separately, using a scale from A+ to F.
  • A, B, and C grades are considered passing, while D and F grades indicate below-average performance and are considered failing. These individual grades are then used to calculate the Grade Point Average based on the number of credits assigned.
  • In most Korean universities, re-taking exams or taking make-up exams is not permitted, except under special circumstances. Once the final exams are completed, there is no opportunity for further improvement. If a student wishes to raise objections regarding their grades, they can do so with the lecturer within 3 days after receiving the grade.
Letter Grade Numerical Grade Grade Point Letter Grade Numerical Grade Grade Point
A+ 100 - 95 4.5 A 94.99 - 90 4.0
B+ 89.99 - 85 3.5 B 84.99 - 80 3.0
C+ 79.99 - 75 2.5 C 74.99 - 70 2.0
D+ 69.99 - 65 1.5 D 64.99 - 60 1.0
F 59.99 - 0 0.0 - - -

  • Students will receive their academic transcripts by email within 4 weeks after the semester is over. Home university coordinators will be cc’ed in the email too.
  • Please note that we do not send hard copies of transcripts by postal mail, as the electronic version is considered official.