Living Off-Campus
  • Although living on campus is recommended for reasons such as safety, building a sense of community, and cost-effectiveness, students are free to choose off-campus accommodation if they prefer. However, Dankook University does not arrange off-campus housing for students, nor does it endorse specific real estate agents or service providers.
  • Therefore, students who wish to secure off-campus accommodation must independently locate suitable housing and carefully review and understand any contracts or agreements they enter into.

Guidelines for Securing Off-Campus Housing
  • Students may encounter challenges when searching for off-campus housing, particularly if they are not in Korea. In such cases, they may need to identify a reliable real estate agent online or consider arriving in Korea early to visit local real estate agents in the neighborhood where they intend to reside.
  • Before signing a housing contract, students must ensure that the lessor or provider can provide the necessary proof documents that meet the requirements for applying for a residence card at Dankook University in the first week of the semester. It is important to note that failure to submit the proper proof documents in time will result in rejection of residence application, and students won't be able to continue their studies as a registered foreigner in Korea.
Type of Accommodation Required Proof Documents
Residence under your name
(with your name on the contract)

Lease agreement or rental contract

Residence under other’s name
(AirBnB, friend’s house, parent’s house, etc.)

Confirmation of Residence/Accommodation
Provider’s ID card (both sides)
Lease agreement under the provider’s name

Accommodations with Business License
(Gosiwon, Share house, Hotel, etc.)

Confirmation of Residence/Accommodation
Business license of the accommodation